UPT Akron Layoffs Postponed

A source at United Production Technologies cites Trump's campaign promise to renegotiate NAFTA in decision to delay job relocations

Merven McIntyre

2 minute read

AKRON, Ohio – Plans to relocate 350 manufacturing jobs from United Production Technologies’ Akron plant have been delayed as a precautionary measure ahead of the incoming Trump administration, according to unnamed sources at UPT. The layoffs, announced in May, would move production of several products used primarily by auto manufacturers to a facility in Monterrey, Mexico. The new location is largely complete, with layoffs in Akron expected to begin in mid-Janary and continuing through April.

Salesperson Claims Pay Threatened Over Choice of Holiday Greeting

Retail outlet reportedly threatened witholding bonus for employees who say Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays

Merven McIntyre

3 minute read

CHICAGO – High end clothing salesperson Elizabeth Garner is complaining unfair treatment by her employer, Modern Apparel, based on her preferred choice of holiday greeting for customers coming into the store. According to the lawsuit filed on behalf of Garner on Wednesday, her manager at the chic, downtown outlet instructed all salespeople to use a non-specific holiday greeting for customers coming into the store, with end-of-year bonuses being reduced or even witheld for employees who do not comply.

Complaint Against St. Bernard Village for City Hall Nativity Scene

The Freedom From Religion Foundation argues the display violates church-state separation

Merven McIntyre

1 minute read

ST. BERNARD, Ohio – The national church-state watchdog group, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, says a nativity scene on display in front of city hall in the village of St. Bernard, a suburb of Cincinnatti, constitutes endorsement of Christianity, a violation of the First Amendment prohibition against state-sponsored religion. FFRF’s attorney, Sam Grover, argued the nativity scene “conveys a preference for religion over non-religion and for Christianity above all other faiths.