Manitowoc Beverage Layoffs to Proceed

Plans to move 84 jobs to Mexico unaffected by Carrier deal

Merven McIntyre

1 minute read

SELLERSBURG – Manitowoc Beverage Company’s plans to relocate 84 jobs from their Sellersburg, Illinois plant to Mexico will continue as planned. Employees of the plant hoped that the recent deal with Carrier, brokered by President-Elect Donald Trump, would create a pause in the plans to shut their plant down.

The announcement that the plant would be closing with operations moving to Tijuana and Monterrey, Mexico, was made in August. At the time, the first round of cuts were scheduled for October 11th, to continue in phases through January 31, 2017. The cuts were announced in response to a 10% decline in sales.

Rich Sheffer, the VP of Investor Relations and Treasury for Manitowoc Foodservice, the parent company to Manitowoc Beverage Services, confirmed that the layoffs will continue as planned. The positions are being relocated to existing plants in Tijuana and Monterrey. Research and Development jobs at the Sellersburg plant will move to another location in the area.